keep the dead raccoon outta my truck

for months, i would stare at this 13 on the bathroom rug thinking, "one of these days im going to make a really sick photo of this."  but i never did, because i thought i had all the time in the world.  and then robot shit on it like 6 times [one of those times i barefooted the pile in the dark].  when it disappeared i freaked out and scrambled to the alley.  sort of with my lazy tail between my legs, i unrolled it and took a really boring, basic flash photo.  not at all what i originally had in mind.  lesson learned.  dont hesitate, cause a cat might shit on it.

necklace, vibe, pizza

rad habits

when the winter sun reached this 13 headed horse medallion in my bedroom thats when i knew i had wasted half the day sleeping in.  i cant do routines.  a little up and down is good.  you cant blow up if you dont recharge.

sarahs xmas box

moms xmas collage.  i wanted to make a landscape without a focal point.  made from skateboard magazines.

dad and nancys xmas collage.  skateboard magazines again - lots of emerica ads contributed to this piece.  theres hardly any purple in skate mags - especially transworlds from the early 2000s.  i had to use some of nates abandoned skateboard mags for this one.  purple is way less gay now than it was back then [thats what im gathering based on its presence the skate mags anyways].

  same 13, different photo.  i make the rules.

two drummers?  our cadence make the rules too.  seeing a show in your hometown is a cool feeling. 

is the red ledge in danger?  why is the fence gone?  i like the idea of no fence but holy shit its going to feel weird to grind that thing without something to hold onto when you overshoot.  but im being optimistic, some idiot probably thought a new fence needed to be installed.  is there anything else that needs fixing at the skatepark?  what?  holes in the ramps?  well we gotta paint em first.  maybe plant some new trees - yeah the skatepark needs new trees.  and more bike racks.  and permanent bleachers with a concession stand.  i would not be surprised. 

it was the middle of the night and i was hungry.  digging your own grave and knowing it fully.

as the mickey-d's co-mingled with the shawarma in my stomach [read "as a helacious storm brewed in my stomach] i read 'on the road'.  who reads their first kerouac book at 27? 

it became increasingly more difficult to concentrate on the text as the troops were called to the frontlines in my guts.  thats half my fault and half kerouacs - for not living up to all the hype.  at 6am i woke up and puked my brains out.  an hour later i went back for round two.  it was xmas eve.  i layed on the floor all day and all night.  i ate crackers and water.  i puked at my dads house while my family ate cookies.  the next day i was ok.  havent been back to monas or mcdonalds since.

i think i love my brothers alley

dad loves magic

the best part about xmas was seeing baylee

she stays at nancys nephews, where another dog lives.  his name is rusty and hes a hurricane katrina rescue mutt.  this bitch is getting chunk.  we brought her presents to open.  dad set up a charlie brown tree for jay.  then we went for a ride.

j-ham seriously loves christmas

this photo makes me super sad, but its one of my favorites of baylee

muffin butt

on new years day i picked up drew and we went to madison for a bike polo tournament.  it was played indoors at this weird workout gym.  madison, milwaukee, chicago and minneapolis all had teams of 9 players.  we played the games like hockey, with line changes.  they call it bench minor.  it was super fun.  each city played the other city once.  it feels like a jock to say, but damn, milwaukee slayed madison and minneapolis.  we beat chicago by one goal.

birdie and matt.  i blasted a super powerful work lite at the ceiling, set on slave.  i set it off using one of my small flashes with a pocket wizard.  i was so hyped to shoot polo indoors again, especially a place with an open ceiling i could utilize.  its odd to have such soft light freezing the action.  usually its direct and harsh.  

team mke [with a few bgp stealers], victorious.  you can see the rest of the shots from that day right here 

made it almost a month with that sketchy thing growing on my face.  if it only felt half as good as it looks.

back to work

at least winter makes interesting designs on things.  at the very least.

rockford.  speaking of rockford, i drove to a town south of there on mlk day in the sketchiest snow storm.  took 3 hours.  i got to the school and the swim team was nowhere to be found.  there was a dive meet though, so i shot that just to give myself a rest from the stress of trying not to die on the highway.

i shoot sports like skate photos.  sports photographers shoot skating like sports photos.  context, man, its all about context.  

"hey dad did u just fart? i felt the bench rumble."
looks like i drove to byron illinois for a reason after all


no one wants to shoot wrestling because its so homoerotic.  but thats all in your mind.  not mine.  it does make my back sore though.  this night i was having fun watching a mom/daughter across the mat...

the composition i was waiting for.  you can only imagine what those two are talking about back there.

forgot all about panning last time i shot skiing.  but since i shot those photos of pat skating in the garage i had it fresh in my brain.  low light, no flash, slow glass - no problem.  if youre steady you can freeze this shit at 1/80th of a second.  i love the red and blue sticks turning to purple where they cross.  this photo is one of those small victories ill hopefully be able to build off of.

we are [almost] 138

got my shit down to about two pallets worth.  hopefully i can get it down to just one by the end of spring.

in his own pile of junk, cole found a letter home from one of my teachers, informing my parents that i was involved with some kind of cheating.  i had no recollection of the described event.

milwaukee is so segregated, i always feel like a dick photographing on the south side.  like some middle class tourist in his own town.  but this shit is interesting.

always liked the cord things at benjis.  nicos alright too.

the civ

there was a foggy day in december


 unanticipated cluster in time/space, relative to/dependent on my position in/on the surface of this frozen earth


when i processed this roll, i tried to shock the film by alternating between super hot and super cold water in the final washing stages.  its supposed to make a broken up, cracked texture.  i was pussy footing it though and it didnt really happen much at all - this is the one frame from the roll where its most apparent, especially on the blinds.

hey whats up, going to skate at scream kitty park.  dude.  well...  yeah.

speaking of cream city, ive been there about 1.3 times a week this winter, and trying to shoot some photos each time i go.  about half the time i actually get around to it.  just too busy shredding, bro.  ive been trying to shoot dudes i dont know.  seems to be going well.

digital tester of jojo doing a mondo boneless one

unannounced, he threw in a fingerflip.  holy shit man.

racine homie evan olsen on the oververt

i asked him what the secret to the rock'n'roll was [besides not being a pussy] and he said something about waiting for the moment of zero gravity.  of course!

some crazy dude named brandon put down a blunt backside.  super gnar.  he also stuck a nollie bigspin, way up.  jon scholz saw him busting and had to get some too...

backside tail, all up in that pocket.  wowzers.

dugs, fs board.  i want to reshoot this.

false alarm

two months left before its time to send birdhouse another flow video.  backside tails, man.  

i blew it on the last holga fish roll.  lets reshoot this too.  lets reshoot everything.

skated four seasons with trevor.  what a treat.

this guy nick krenke was doing wall taps to tail.  he wrote his name on a piece of smelly pizza box and its been stinking up my room for weeks.  maybe i should email him the shots so i can throw it out.  maybe that fuckin girl shoulda been looking forward so this image would be more rad.  thats my fault.  im not assertive enough.  as usual the digi was a test for this...

i asked him to do it maybe six times and he nailed every one.  pretty neat when people have unconventional moves in the bag like that.  photographing people i dont know is a good practice too because i feel less comfortable asking them to do the trick a million times.  if its dave or dugan they know its probably going to take ten tries before im happy, and they never put up a fight.  im spoiled by their selfless valor.  

that spine is so fun - its tiny and packed into that attic room and its got that tight wall...    

just imagine im grinding up there.  


thanks trevor.  this shits classic!

the long process of archiving boards

im looking at details like wheelbite marks and smithgrind smears, documenting every stupid thing my teenage self ever sharpied onto the bottom of a deck, and all the different grip tape designs.  it would be impossible to put them into chronological order exactly, but im hoping to arrange them loosely as they were skated.  once i have pictures of them all, it will be really easy to let them go.  i should build a huge fire somewhere.

when you think about it, sports are pretty amazing.  but also really stupid.  

we played racquetball 

for the first time in at least 14 years

it was a hilarious affair.  we went back a few days later and played five games.  c-ham beat me 3 to 2.  my stomach hurt all day from laughing so much.

robot reaaaalllly loves dugan

cha bra

13 degrees - really not that cold if you think about it.  god damn.

im lucky i can open the door and i can walk down the street.  im lucky i got nowhere to go and so i follow my feet.

thats the kind of building i want to work in...

24 hour grocery store

there is no time for donuts, we must prepare for terrorist attacks.  just between you and me, if the world was ending id be reaching for the biggest donut, not some boring ass bottled water. 

and after i had my last donut, id reach for something furry

watched jfk with dad-ham.  i was hoping it would blow his mind.

hey dad, you know that art thing on the wall has a 13 on it, right?

i mean, how do you not see that?  it must have been a subconscious decision at hobby lobby.

nothin brightens your day up quite like the camera shelf at goodwill

recently sifted through hundreds of old slides, and found this one of my great grandparents standing under the sign for the pier 13 restaurant, probably somewhere in the south.  it could have been any other number but for some reason they chose to stand right under a giant 13.  what are the odds?