silver dog pyramid

you ever had bronchitis for 18 days?  it fucking sucks.

the weather of spring has sucked so far.  but bitching about the weather?  save it for facebook, right?  god damn, is there anything more irritating?  one day i counted the number of people who posted status updates regarding the weather.  3 of the 12 of them misspelled the word lightning.

stranger things have happened above the athletic fields of grant community high school, but still, this is pretty neat.

countertop of my brother

whitefish bay, wi

after being sick for a while i said fuck it and got out on my board and on my bike.  i hate to miss out on any wheel-related good times left in milwaukee.  july is still a ways off, but it feels so weird knowing that my time here is officially limited.  needless to say, im going to miss my skate homies and the polo gang.

on the way to fond du lac

found the 'lucky 13 diner' on hwy 45 on the way to lake zurich a few weeks ago.  super stoked.

years ago when i was working at alterra, the firemen would come in and all order smoothies.  we knew it every time and kind of dreaded the ordeal of blending up 6 smoothies, but they were always friendly and appreciative.  once i told one of them about my 13 collection and asked if there was a truck 13 and he told me yes, but theyre super busy.  i imagined doing an entire sub-project on the house and making this big badass portrait of the whole crew around the truck...  it seemed a bit over the top and difficult to wrangle considering their hectic schedule.  so i waited patiently, always eyeballing up a truck when it would pass on the street, but never seeing my number.  then one day i found it parked behind the station on first, a few blocks from the alterra i worked at.  i dont remember what i was doing in the area but it jumped out at me.  i was extra stoked because it wasnt going anywhere so i could take my time getting the photos i wanted, rather than chasing it down in traffic.  i could be thorough.  i can think of a few times where my patience has burned me, but most of the time it pays off somehow.  anyways, a big one crossed off the list, in what might be the start of the 11th hour.

downtown books cat

jesus christ, what is the world coming to?  someone get this poor kid a little screen to look at!

the latch of my hood rusted shut, and or the cable broke - im still not quite sure.  either way, i had to pry the "grille" off and then unscrew the bolts that fastened the "latch housing" to the...  frame...?  the car was 4,000 miles over the recommended oil change mileage [which in my book is only 1,000 because i think its a scam just like everything else out there], and i didnt want to be taking any chances during an upcoming sarah visit.  so it was go time.  ive got it rigged up now so that every time i want to get under the hood, i just have to unscrew this bolt.  custom.  i think im gonna fix the leaky trunk next.

on one of my sick days out i went skating with the boys.  i was feeling particularly low energy so i just took a banana board and a box of cameras.  dave took me to a parking lot with a 13 that could be skated.  he did a backside noseblunt but i dont like how the photo came out.  nick did a fs 'crunt' that turned out much better...

still trying out this flash im borrowing from a coworker - not sure if i want to buy it yet - its nice and powerful though.

then we magically found this spot and mitch was doing noseblunts...

that never happens - we never just find spots.  especially spots that are referred to as "that one spot" - maybe we need to drive around in new berlin more often.

or maybe not

fuck you guys.  at one point there were 4 squad cars blocking the entrance to the lot.  they werent dicks to us particularly, but i thought it was funny when one of them warned us about the weather rolling in that evening - "you know whats comin tonight, right?"

man vs wall

man vs minor incline to wall

you guys

i always complain about my 35 only syncing at 1/100th of a second, but im going to stop that.  soon.

you know?  cause fuck it.  dave spanks the bricks into the alley no matter the duration of my flash, no matter the ratio, no matter the maximum shutter speed.  nerdy art math be damned, this is sick.

quintessential on all fronts - nick, nursing a recently torn pants crotch.  dave, staring into a video camera.  dugan, sucking down his favorite green beverage.  dane, rigging up janky photo equipment.

the pw cable has a loose prong.  its very sensitive and the only way it fires is if you hold it in.  so i got a lace from mitch and managed to get it tight enough.  also, note the little rig-up going into the bottom of the head - thats a bolt with a bunch of nuts screwed down onto it.  the part i normally use doesnt extend far enough into the older 200b flash head so i had to implement a little hardware store solution.  super quintessential.  fuck the silver spoon.

a strange trip to a photo shoot led me past this old gem...

in september of 2003 i went with nate mollison to skate illinois.  we found this pool with a five stair handrail into it.  probably just did a boardslide.  we scoped out the waterslide and it seemed possible.  at first i tried to carve it but the slide wasnt wide enough.  it had to be a straight bomb down the whole thing.  nate stood at the top and filmed me riding through, the camera spins with the shape of the slide and i come flying through the last curve and get spat out the end at mach 5.  ive got just enough time to put the wheels down and get into a powerslide before crashing into the opposing wall.  i start laughing and nate goes "YES!"  its so sick - to this day one of my favorite clips ever.  i had no idea there was a 13 painted on the curb just outside the parking lot.  

my trucks recently expired.  i like them to go out together.  its a 'til death do us part' kind of thing...

obviously the axle snapping off was the end, but i rode that other truck with the chunk broken off around the kingpin for 5 or 6 months.  skate and destroy.  i hooked up a brand new set and rode them for 3 sessions and then switched them out with my last remaining set of already been skated trucks from the last 5 years.  new stuff is the worst.

male beauty

robot, finally getting the 'birds and the bees' lesson from dugan

its just like a cat to burgle the spot where your computer is supposed to go

not that i ever forget, but its nice to be reminded why sports lost to skateboarding.

erik sperling, man vs spool

erik also did this with the spool rolling towards him.  hmmmm...  playing with huge spools or having a coach yell/spit into your face...  talk about a no-brainer

when i was in high school, my go-to tag on the bathroom stalls was a pixies lyric from the song 'velouria'

"and how does lemur skin reflect the sea?"

thats pretty high school, right?  i loved that visual though.  anyways, i was somewhere in 11th grade and grabbed this little guy.  when i moved into a room with a pull string light i needed something more substantial to grab for in the dark.  i was taking note of the uncanny light situation in my room this day.

at perhaps the peak of my sickness [which has been more of an extended plateau with little to no view of the impending edge i am so anxiously waiting to throw myself over], sarahs friends visited milwaukee.  ted [who is actually friends with ed templeton] was visiting derrick [sp?] in chicago and they came up for a day and wanted to skate.  we ate hearty meals and i took them to the best spot in milwaukee...


i think they actually enjoyed it though. 

ted vs the tub.  nollie lipslide. 

derrick does a very compact, proper tuck knee bert on the cement qp.  bonus style points for doing it on the mike v elephant board, and for getting the trucks up on the coping.  its 2011 and the bert still rules.

after we had annihilated estabrook [the dudes with their moves and me with my mucus hacking], we proceeded to the second best spot in milwaukee...

ted dragged this board over and set it up against a pole.  i parked the civ behind it for some extra support, and the wallride attacks began.  ted went all the way up to fakie and i went up to fs kickturn.  its amazing how much fun you can have with a shitty piece of plywood.

  ted to fakie

ted to fakie bell ringer.  i think this is a really nice shot of his shoe.  ive got the same pair, and seeing him skate in them made me really want to also.  but theyre my 'walkin around' shoes so i cant.  after the megabanks, i led the guys to the bookstore and we parted ways.  in spite of my bronchial bumming, it was a super fun time skating.  its rad when your girlfriends dude friends are good dudes.

after that, i stopped home real quick to take another robot photo

and then me and dugan had some plans to carry out.  only took 3 weeks of talking about it to actually make it happen...

years ago, after an awesome diy spot had seen its last days [where the north avenue whole foods now sits] i grabbed 5 of the cinder blocks that had been part of a ledge to put my bed frame on.  this was to create enough of a gap between the floor and the frame so that i could slide a huge trunk beneath it.  i slept, lounged, fucked, and read books up above those storied bricks from late summer of maybe 2004 to last february, when i finally got a new bed.  i decided to retire them since we needed some bricks for this new spot.  whenever we skate this bank spot we talk about how fun it would be with a ledge on top.  or maybe i just fantasize about it in my own head.  either way, all it took was a little digging and some sod-stomping

something kind of stone henge-y about the ledge.  we mean to put some angle iron on it as soon as it stops raining for a few days

teach me how to smithstall

i went to racine.  my intention was to do a move for the video.  but the light...  the light was awful for the move in mind.  so we waited.  but matt was there and he didnt care about the light.

matt logan.  in spite of his teenage self, he is not at all ashamed to talk about how much he loves the packers.  as long as youre still skating, i dont give a fuck.  we need to keep these quality characters in the gang, you know?  anyways, i think hes got the tailslide off the end...

not in the cards on this particular day.  man skateboarding.

holy fucking shit, racine has a new spot.  yes its true.  and its a real peach.

adam fs nosegrind into the bank.  that goes without saying.  what may not go without saying are my camera settings - asa400, 1/100th at fucking f22.  yes, f22 with flashes...  8 brand new double a batteries, just SWEATING.  i did one on the digital too... 

hot damn.  shot it at 160th to let the clouds show more.  i wish i could get sponsored by energizer because id be firing my flashes at full power all the time.  the batteries are probably dead but f22 is fucking rad!  i think f8 might be the smallest ive ever shot with flashes before so this is a real treat.  nice to make a personal landmark every now and then.  

i had to take adam back downtown so we skated the beach house for a while...

its always fun to try grinding the entirety of a chunky ass purple ledge.  its also alllllllways nice to be next to the lake.  its quiet.  THE LAAAAAAAKE MAN.

on my way back to milwaukee i stopped in at the springtide headquarters.

love these guys.  mike kept saying "that flash is so bright" and i told him "its dark in here, your f-stops are wide open"

then i made them do this.  apparently my approach to band photos is to put the members in a small space. 

when i got back home i was still feeling pretty excited.  about what?  i didnt feel 'done' yet.  so i went up the hill and then i rode down the hill.  and then i was done.  

simple satisfaction