tuck a twanked knee for the bricks and weeds

disruption of order

im on it

whose verse is it anyways?  ian?  method?  dude i cant keep track.  but i can dig this track.

boxes, sweat, mounds of documents bout to get thrown out
tests, trials and tribulations, strike a chord in the name of peace
escape for a minute, it will all be there when you come back
and get ready

these situations...  man what are you supposed to do?  just tryin to buy a little debbie on the way to bike polo, shit.

ooh baby i like it raw

this ones for robot

i wonder who loves milwaukee and who hates milwaukee and who doesnt really care either way?  does money or social status make a difference?  me, i just like saggy awnings.  saggy tarps too.  a general disheveled-ness actually.

we were on a skate mission.  passed this dog on a table and we all laughed.  man that was funny as shit.  dog, just standing on a table.  yeah, you had to be there.  right now you are only pseudo there.

bricks n weeds
im game, lets do it again
dig the shapes ride the lines
you cant compete
with the great outside

american gospel

robots nightmare

could a cat appreciate the twilight zone?  im curious, perpetual.

 still trying to win over any remaining cat haters out there.  me and robot will not rest until your shit pounds right out your chest.  memory screen, lit the whiskers in between.  the light and the dark, where the boo-woos bark.  caringosity killed the kerouac cat.

the future posture of mankind

new views of an old booth

a slave to the life pursuit

no stoppin, im on a two sip edit trip

the good life offensive

posted up at a golf course for 3 hours.  it was raining.  no golfers came for photos.  this bird was there.  so i made the most of it.

iso50 f32 and the shutterspeed whatever was necessary

the skies reversed one night as we drove to illinois to skate this set

weather off the lake, creepy

hey man, what came first - the chicken or the egg?

heres a reason why i keep that hammer in my trunk.  a cemetery with a section 3 and a section 10.  and now a section 13.  used my drivers license as the bounce card on a vivitar on the hotshoe.  nice.

8 hours on a golf course means the inevitable 13 cloud, and ill be damned if im gonna miss that shit.  patience is a vigilant virtue.



robot, still too cool to come out and play with the squirrels.  me, still dont have the heart to tell them.  "uh, shes at the store with dugan, ill let her know you stopped by."  this cant go on forever.

nothin like sittin on that soaked furry bike seat after class

waiting for prints to be printed.  i lurked where you could spend no money.

man, lookit car-cam comin through on the perf exposure!

haha suck on that.  made 2 trips to the same place that day.  suffer the wrath of the off ramp landscape!

when you grow up there are more responsibilities and less time to play but at least the legos are bigger

nicky nicky on a stalefish picky, raptor crate sweatin while the boys get tricky

then he tipped her up the tall way, which woke the napping raptor.  he had to work fast.

john hammond said "spare no expense."  nick sommer said "im pretty sure i can ollie that high."  one of these men failed, one of them succeeded.  the lesson?  you dont have to buy an island and make dinosaurs to get a nosepick on a raptor crate.

just sayin.

heres 3 photos of me trying to figure out how the fuck to make a decent photo of mitch's fs 5-0 across the new ledge we waxed up...

as much as i hate to admit it sometimes you just wish the dude was a goofy footer.

dave bro'd me his belt.  we stopped home to get my belt.  i hate when i leave the house without my belt on - throws off the whole day.  i should have known.  a half hour later i did the worst splits of my life trying to ollie off this chest high thing.  hip and knee, twanked out of whack for a few weeks.  man that sucked. 

third times a charm.  sometimes you just have to follow someone around for ten minutes til youre in the right spot.  a week later i photographed another 13 shirt at that very intersection.  wacky.

with my leg out of whack i had plenty of time to creep.  so i came back here.

 bee, gettin all up in a thistle.


4 things i found in the weed field

snake, obviously the best of the four

is it weird that i want to bring it to reno?

50mm on a 3x extension tube

might as well get all the dead stuff photos out of the way in one go...

i tried

demon smithgrind with an ice scraper and a dennys meal

pickle had a trick and i had an idea

bs 5050 from qp to bank, across coping that was no longer bolted down.  nine tries to make one photo.  each frame of 35 shot one at a time [no motordrive, obviously].  the final coping photo is the proof of the land.  should i have explained that?  i just love the process so much.


"...that of a giant SLOAR!"

man what the fuck is going on with these people

pretty romantic stuff

too young to care about fireworks or cellphones.  boneless ones all day.  amen to that.

i suspect this cool truck with a patriotic color scheme could be the transport vehicle of the fireworks brigade.  i suspect it is also a proper segue to a section of photographs from the fourth of july in racine...

stayed at coles place, took bikes down to the parade spot.  spotted a 13 right away.

some interesting stuff you might not know about the photo this living statue is based on...


13 on a truck.  sitting on the front lawn provided us with a bi-level parade.  the big one on the street, and a smaller one on the sidewalk - a constant stream of people flowed back and forth the entire time.  i spent more time watching kids crash into stuff while texting than admiring floats and bands.  that being said, i just sat there and took pictures as the people and things passed.  theres no reason not to sit.  the train moves, not the station.

what is it about public events that compels people to don their most offensive garb?  i appreciate the gesture, but its still kind of baffling how a person could be comfortable being that much of an asshole.  dad was loving this guy.  another dude had a shirt that said "vaginas are awesome" and another guy had one with cartoon drawings of all the different kinds of boobs. 

mixed messages

one of at least 1,300 photos taken that day involving a little kid, a flag and cotton candy.  unavoidable universals.

 yes, a floating horse

bam, there it is - the 9/11 float

lotta really great stuff in the parade

just great

just razzin dad


dads m&m flag, on a bed of sugar

a visual breather

c-ham had a baby toad spot we had to go check out before i went home...

happy fuckin forth


the very next day, back to the damn ditch.  still on bunk knee status, i put in another 2 hours of filming.  guh.  its no wonder i chose photography over video.

divine intervention

what a beautiful tarp

junk poetics

one giant frosted mug of root beer, please

i was staring into this space as i spontaneously called sarah to ask her if she ever wore short skirts with cowboy boots.  i had to know.

27 years old and still not tired of pizza

problem solved

look closely

"did you take a picture of the 13 on your bike?" - dudes kid
"its his favorite shirt" - dudes wife

i did not suggest that these two kiss, they just went for it.  i think thats great.

had a little bit of film left so i stuck it in the 6x7.  just took the lightstring lemur down today.

thats drew and nick.  they are making a new movie...


get behind it if you can, its going to be sick.  scary crows, dude. 

billy club

had to take nick here.  it was interesting watching him go through the decision making process of deciding what move to do.  whats appropriate?  whats possible?  whats tasteful?

then we stumbled upon this new spot and got hassled by the most uptight asshole ever...

apparently he had seen us riding our bikes there before

this was rough. 

does the mind close as the body grows?

bro, lets end this on a good note

essential c-ham.  style for miles.  also a reflected wheel continuum. 

this is the third frame of a brothers series i didnt even know i was making until it was happening.  stay gold.