we went down to fallon nv again for classic skate shop's terrordome races.  november can be hard nipple territory but we lucked out with t-shirt weather.

a bunch of first time t-domers showed up, including new classic recruit nathan, who is a hellion on the shred sled...

lipslide for the love of the windup

mitch goes romero up the bar

err'body gettin up.  i once unintentionally pissed off my friend dugan by doing an ollie up a gap he was skating down.  even though he was doing heelflips he claimed that me going up the gap rendered his moves obsolete and therefore meaningless on video.  the relativity of skateboarding maneuvers as performed by different skaters has always been a loaded topic for discussion.  whos gonna write the dissertation on that one?

mitch, who had earlier claimed to be 'hurt' [whatever that means] warmed up for racing by launching his body off the top into the tranny.  take note of the angle of the deck as evidence of proposed trajectory.  math, physics, skating, amen.

race time

the variation on the track this year was a pass through the halfpipe tube thing, which meant some guys were going frontside and some were going backside through the turn.  i can only speculate that this was purposefully set up as a means to produce more collisions and creativity...

you ever see mikey do fs ollies in a qp?  kids got some unique foot technique.

when do skaters ever race each other through a skatepark?

as we have learned from past races, making it to the pyramid first does not guarantee making it to the finishline first.  for some reason that slightly curved downslope has a tendency to gobble unsuspecting bodies

on the ground before you even know youre heading there

some dudes from the navy base nearby showed up

it was chaos all day in tryan's zone

down the bank and around the horn

dustin pops into a bs tail over a bertleman for some mid-race theatrics

you have to wonder how these race events affect the outsiders perspective on what skateboarding is about...

couple of missing screws on the loose

tried to get a shot of a couple feet sticking up into the air back there.

beware of wamp trollops

chris and mitch into the first turn, mitch damn near powersliding already

light contact

into the dust.  imagine if the outer rim of every skatepark didnt just end into dirt or a fence but was bordered by a continuous wall of embankments or transitions or jersey barriers...

just imagine that

the crowd wasnt satisfied so they went again

the skater who got the inside on the first turn seemed to be the victor

the skater who got the outside on the first turn sometimes got a bag stuck on their truck

man vs plastic - the war rages on

what does the future of skateboarding look like?  will we be dodging trash more and more?  will starbucks drink stoppers be the new pebble in the sidewalk of life?

mitch and chris went best of 3.  you can see chris already eyeing and leaning into that inside line.  just like velociraptors, adaptation.

mitch got dusty and that was that

locals, taking the high road

staying low in a poop squat is a good way to maintain through the first turn

like father like son

i think this race began with frank kicking jojo's board into the bowl at the starting line

there are no rules in terrordome

if youre going down you should try to drag your opponent with you

oh whoops


you wanna go again?

video that dustin shot will illustrate just how obviously frank was hunting jojo

watch the chaos here

frank would later admit that he laid off at the last minute, sparing jojo his life.  that is one brave kid.

man what a show

frank gets in some air piano

la rock goes banana slamma on some perpetratin produce

fuck around get nanner'd

like mario kart but without the comfort of your sofa

just when you thought youd seen it all, skatepark graffiti bestows upon you yet another fortune cookie worthy tidbit of prose

and rounding out my fallon graf collection is this spitfire head, which really isnt bad considering it was probably done by just the light of the moon, a very distant walmart parking lot, and the local glow of an iphone.  give it another semester's worth of practice in your math notebook and try again.  and thanks for not doing the neff face.

jovante sneaks in a backside lip to...


little dude was trying to tell me about how you can get the new iron man dvd and i told him to go tell the big guy

robert and brenden in a father-son showdown

one for the fridge!

dustin, G. no complies W. Y. C.

another thing thats interesting about this event is that as skaters, most of us are not into contact sports - maybe thats why we skate, because some dude is not trying to kill you, its just you trying to not kill yoself.  so to be in this situation, where another dude might totally take you out or grab onto and stretch out your gear, or whatever...  i think thats kind of a fresh thrill, in a funny way.  skaters arent jocks but the occasional jock-like element worked into skating makes for a different, hilarious experience.  i think we were all cracking up watching dudes negotiate these strange new sporty contexts.

the walls are so low that if you enter the vortex too hot you get flung out

at one point the cops were there.  i think the scooter parents were bumming on us taking over the park.  at another point there was an episode of jerry springer taking place on the lawn nextdoor between 2 teenage girls, and one of them got her nose broken.  the parents watching the races were not at all concerned but saying things like "bitch had it coming" etc.  i cant say what that mentality is symptomatic of but the harshness of that reality is sobering.

nathan and jordan, MY WAVE BRO!!

pixie stick wizardry

everythings lookin good...

and then you get pyramid smeared

what are you guys having fun or something?

toby, master of the inside dip

fallon has an A1 board retrieval program

snack time!

chris, fast as no cash

this same board was there last november

tyler holding down the hometown crete

frank, tryin to act like hes not up to something

donnie darko timewarp blaster

if skaters were jocks this would be gettin bloody

dude my shirts wet now

yeah dude i did that

i think this was the last race - chris and tyler

someone tell dewitt that breaking is a memory

the u-pipe flume portion of the track claimed its last victim for the day

chris, onto victory

fools started bar hopping again and i took on the challenge of making photos on a small skatepark rail in mixed lighting look interesting.  mitch starts the clinic with a 50-50.  he had this white cigarette/pretzel looking thing in his mouth the whole time.  no idea what that could have been.  im not a forensic scientist, just a photographer.

chris with the upstream b-slide.  i figured as long as dudes were heading up i should shoot topside.  plus then we can have em against the sunlit ground.  not trying to set up flashes for these multi dude rapid fire sessions - too confusing, too complicated - and as i always try to discover - not even necessary.

tyler on a lipslide, which are always about the arms.  such a good move.

mitch goes fs smith

chris, executing a backside smithgrind.  sweet holy dippage, does a move get any more aesthetically pleasing?  i became aware of some youth inhabiting the tree - whoa didnt think of that!!  i clamored my way up and they made haste to the dirt.  thanks for the idea.

let me point something out about shooting skateboard photos real quick...

your job, your RESPONSIBILITY as the tard with the camera is to do equal justice to each element of the event - the trick, spot, dude, light, etc while taking advantage of any unique potential specific to that situation - hilighting what is rad or different or special.  if you can do all this AND manage to not interrupt the action or alter the scene visually/physically then i think its successful.

we arent always lucky enough to be in situations which foster this equation.  not always.  but, if im bothering to even take the time, to get the camera out and not actually BE on my skateboard, im going to try my damnedest to make it worthwhile.

all that said, im in a fucking tree shooting skatepark rail photos

 nathan, slappy

mitch, crooks.  check out that white pretzel.

lots to see up there, lots to consider, lots of dudes flying haphazardly into compositions i stubbornly retain...

austin on a feeble grind.  i said fuck it im cuttin your arm off.  does it even matter in a tree?

chris battled the hurricane and won

nathan, backside lipslide.  thanks for keeping your hands and arms inside the vehicle.  perf.  that ones for my fridge.

i got kicked out of the tree.  that little one on the right said it just like the dude at the beginning of the emerica video "and get the FUCK outta the tree!"


the place was looking pretty good at that hour

chris, against the grain smith.  can you imagine the amount of push required on that back foot to make this happen?

you think about how much college and even high school sports get hyped in american media and it seems so unjust that skateboarders dont get equal, fair recognition for accomplishment of these such imagined feats, which SCIENCE PROVES is far more difficult, unlikely.

its unfair, but i think we like it that way.  its better that they dont understand.  i think most of us NEED it that way.

a brief moment for your even briefer contemplation

our lives, our bodies, LIKE SO MANY TEMPORARY VESSELS

when i been in the sun or at a screen for too long i get unapologetically metaphorical

skating was put to a halt, nathan sang the national anthem, and then we did the awards ceremony...

 he who hauls most balls wins deck/wheels/hat

best slam goes to scott larock


jojo, another gear recipient

is video of that girls broken nose on the internet yet?

the cool part about classic contests is no matter what place you take you get stuff

board toss

cooper, stoked

brendan, also stoked.  little dude, possibly about to cry.

im pretty sure brendan gave this kid the deck later on.  classy!!

on behalf of all the little turds who didnt even think it, thanks eric

we let the scooters have the park for 3 minutes while we took this photo

 austin, clack-a-lack attack

does anyone understand mitch?

dudes gettin hucky

im sorry you cant see where jordan is going.  just know that it is past those steps.  chris blasted a poked melon across this span as well but i blew it even worse than jordans shot.  its POSSIBLE i needed to eat some chocolate at this point in the day.

we all need chocolate

contemplate dust and get it while its hot

ok nevada