bro blog

got some pictures here...

a visual timeline, disjointed and sprawling...

been spending a lot of time doing this.  its radical to be 29 and just delving into the world of the slappy, and curbs.  curb is the new handrail, bro.

"do i look like robot?" -miso

sarah with a hair devil.  laundry dates.  droppin quarters, fool.

...hella quarters

im enjoying this all over the city.  like anything else, there are lines that must be acknowledged.  to cross or not to cross...

what do you mean the pedals on backwards?

carnage puts his pedals on however carnage wants.  and then does bike slappies.

thats right, i said bike slappies.

assisted 13.  i had just eaten my first awful awful.

make sure you use a condom

neighborhood concrete accommodations

someone tossed a stripper through the bike shop window

in arabian casinos they have this game but instead of camels its americans in suv's, on segways, and on rascalls.  and they are all texting, sipping big gulps and complaining.  to make them go you roll garbage into garbage cans.  whoever throws away garbage fastest wins a loaf of bread.

my brother came to town.  i had a week off work [with paid time off - how adult of me] to hang out and explore reno with cole.  hecka stoked.

yeah thats a nice cam you got there bud

"i aint walkin up that shit"

im using a nikon d70 with a vivitar series1 28-90 f2.8...  which is retarded.

in my mind, digital photographs are supposed to look like they did when i was using the canon 5d, so im often disappointed when thats what is in my head but impossible to achieve in my camera.  boo hoo.

like dharma and the bomb

yeah, we are a long way from my apartment...

...and yeah, its windy today, and its comin out of the west - whoa, look!!

we werent up there for mammals...  i had been hyping this mountain as being COVERED, PLASTERED, INFESTED by lizards.

we saw 4

lizards all "damn bro you still shooting with a nikon d70?"
im all "damn bro you see that hawk over there?"

the descent of man

the dissent of man

i didnt plan that.  bloggin dude, shit just happens.

we watched this beetle crawl for about 10 feet.  whenever i watch bugs just charging across the terrain i wonder how the fuck they know where theyre going, and what their purpose is.  probably retracing a scent or using cues from the sun?  we looked ahead and saw this hole.  but he was 8 ft away - he couldnt possibly be heading for that hole.  we laughed as he strolled right in, as another beetle was emerging, and it climbed onto his back and they just fuckin sat there like that.

"im glad youre home"
"thanks babe.  lets get some dinner."

or something.  watch nature.

you look like ice cube

cole brought his gnarly nikon cam with the 1.2 lens.  fuck.  i got to shoot a roll in it.  nice machine [the one he was holding in the lizard photo - forget what model].

so what you wanna do all week?

well, i was thinkin...  sleep in...  go to antique stores...

...i think thats it.

such a solid plan.

it was chilly out the first few days

my favorite bush, in the alley between my apt and the co-op.  im usually eating a soft chocolate chip cookie when i walk past this...  i wonder if that has anything to do with it being my favorite bush?

none of this stuff is in order of how it happened.  i cant remember anything really.

couple times we got these apple sodas from marketon.  this party animal opened his on the wall.

someone managed to make it seem like making signs is super hard

was up on a few garages one day shooting some time lapse of clouds for my slappy film.

ive been loving this move lately.  super fast up the hip to layback bert.  fun to see how far out i can slide before reverting into the ramp.  its best when theres a bunch of scooters up there.

c-ham, loving the veggie dogs at freemans

inside of a piano

it seemed no matter where we were that week, carnel was within a 5 minute bike ride or passing us on the street in his truck.  i think there were a total of 5 carnage meetups.  rad.  the first one was commemorated by an impromptu bmx cruiser demo.


fully buried endo.  heavy.

feeling the burn on the cruiser, up valley rd to a thrift dungeon, where carnel bought a huge tape deck and jammed it halfway into his backpack

it was here that cole made his ONE purchase of the trip.  we stopped into at least 13 different second hand stores of all types, but he felt all he really needed, from any of them, was a cb radio microphone, which he promptly disassembled and soaked in dish soap in my kitchen.


it was really important to me that cole experience the simple fun of slappyland.  he figured them out super fast.  half a second exposure.

just as important was that we play bubble hockey at circus circus.  i can only talk sarah into it once every 6 months.  machine needs some work - loose dude spinners and wacky puck ejector - but its just like the one we used to pay at this pub in madison every year for the state hs basketball tournament.

posing people for photos is the worst

im not making fun of you im just making an observation

skeeball - still the funnest game out

the postal service played at grand sierra resort.  thats initially what convinced cole to come to reno, which is fuckin rad.  we rode to gsr and while he was at the show i lurked the hotel, ate macaroons, used the wifi on coles laptop, and, inevitably, met up with chris.  he was there to meet up with his friend lindsay, who needed a ride home.  she recently tore off her arm snowboarding, but is in unusually high spirits.  i had to take her photo because she had a 13 shirt on.

i like everything about this situation

no biggie

one day i made the mistake of putting a stupid lens on my camera.  trial and error.  youll see what i mean later.

we met up with mark norris, who fucking surfs the truckee river


body varial?!

shooting on coles nikon with another old dumb lens, a wobbly 200mm

i guess they fucked this part of the river up [the engineers, not god or whoever] and its perfect for surfing but not fun for kayaking.  mark does all his work just hanging out in that little dip.  looks so fun, but its no easy task.

mark is rad.  i also shot a bunch of super8 for my upcoming slappy film "slap happy"

im out, you guys hungry?

make mine frijoles calamari

plant/reverse plant


chris wanted to take some bro photos

walmart says live fast.  dammit i just want some cheese-its.

we got extreme at my favorite bank to ledge spot in stead.

it got dark and then we ended up skating a fresh spot - a completely dry curb...

we did stalls for an hour...

it was the most fun ive had in a long time.

cole was skating switch...  what?  switch pivot!

switch smithstall!!

this is the stupid lens i was talking about.  mounted to my regular pentax was a 50mm pentacon lens from my first slr, the praktica - or is it practika?  i used this m42 screw mount to pentax k mount adaptor, which in theory is a rad idea, but throws all your focusing off, somehow...  again, i dont know anything about lenses...  so yeah, a bunch of soft images.

but the moves are sharp.  cant believe c-ham was popping switch into tailstalls, etc after not skating for a year.  what the fuck man get out there and rip!

chris was also ripping across the celluloid curbage

we all ripped, got experimental, got stupid.  new moves and good humor.  essentially drove to golden valley to skate a completely dry [yet virgin] curb perpendicularly.  gotta love skateboarding.

i cant open these chips...  fuck it i got a whole case back here.

yeah, its cool bro, im sponsored.  shawn white energy chips will get you greased for any sesh!!

coulple of my favorite domestics