for the 3rd time classic held the terrordome races at the skatepark in fallon.  i jumped in a car with eric and tyler and headed into the hi dez...

had to pull over in fernley for this epic trailer that was idling at a gas station.  i dont know anything about this person other than that she has sex with kanye west, is wealthy, and therefore famous.  she is also on a big truck, sitting in a big ring - and thats what makes for a really interesting photo.

it was hot as balls in fallon.  hotter than a witches gooch - do people still say that?  it was hot.  and i was wearing a huge black cowboy hat.  races began at the top of the big bank, for maximum speed.

sorry dudes ahead of time for not remembering your names.  its not intentional, im just more worried about making decent exposures in blinding sun than recalling journalistic details.  you all ripped.

the new twist on this race event was that there were no rules other than that you had to finish.  frank got in on the no rules hijinx right away by wasting precious water

if you dont have a good 'run and jump on your board' technique you better be fast in the pit.  also helps to have your own board.

its funny to see skaters engaging in the 'full contact' which is what we all wanted to escape from traditional sports.

do you pick the outside or inside lane for the first turn?  depends on who yer racing and which way yer toes point...  but i doubt any of us even gave it that much thought.  was just such a thrill to be racing on a board in an unfamiliar park.  this sequence is dramatic.

where you goin old man?
get off me, boy!!

t's were getting tugged all day

ah shit

just a few inches away from some serious dental

robert seeks vengeance

a common sight at the finish line.  skateboarding - definitely not a spectator sport


false start?

whats rad about terrordome racing is that any number of factors can affect the outcome of the race - anyone can win.  these dudes had to race twice for some reason.

this is more like sports photography and less like skateboarding photography

if you are good you have to ollie rails and dodge banana peels

the pyramid always takes a few guys out

an early lead helped but the weird bowl loop could swallow up even the most competent racer

tyler, fully mcsqueebed

like an opportunistic vulture, frank sees his window and makes a move

dont mind if i do...

this heres what its all about

tyler, missing a shoe

i love that instead of tackling frank, tyler pushes him forward to victory

vince gill will kick your scooter asses clear across town if you even think about coming into terrordome

just sayin

pyramid trouble.  needs more wax.

frank took over for tyler, and i wonder if thats something he regretted, as he is shown here just seconds away from being brown-eyed!  you can see the motion for exposure beginning...

maybe its better i missed the photo of that part.

either way, it was a highlight of the race, and fuel for the fire.

also a decision jossue is going to have a blast living down as he finishes highschool.  nicknames are a bitch.

my wave bro

one of the last races was a 3-way

last race was jossue and the dude from carson

slingshot in full effect

getting beached at 30mph

a slight detour through the old man section...

justin, damn near plowed over by the unbridled stoke of youth.  terrordome!!

damn son!

i think these dudes did a best of 3 series for the final.  there was a lot of questionable contact which was actually fully encouraged.

the crowd demanded that the final race be switch...

two hand touch?


i suppose the rule was there was no rules

makes you wonder how the next races will be turned up another notch...  all switch?  maybe start at the finish and finish at the start?  do it on someone elses board?

after the race was a best trick session off the deck of the qp to flat.  thats how the kids are skating.

frank lent his sled for the cause.  good sportsmanship.  thats one cleaned up pop shove.

working hard for the cab, taking hits every try.  not an easy task.

hardflip with a bigfoot sighting

the perfect harmony of chaos makes me fall in love skateboarding and photography all over again

pulled this move into the bank eventually - pop shove underflip i think?  radical.

fs flip caught clean.  watch for flying hammers.

a much earned set of trucks for the carson homie

nyuk nyuk nyuk

cap upgrade

the fiercest competitor in the west got the new plank

mike burnett has taught me that its all about the kids, amongst other things.  this is a page right out of his burnout blog chronicles.  man i want that guys job.

tyler makes the free board scramble more interesting and less dangerous than the traditional 'toss into crowd of kids with parental sponsorships'

seemed to fit with the track-n-field theme of spacial navigation that day

the kid who reports having 2 new boards waiting at home shows a true gesture of skate brotherhood by handing this deck to the carson homie who had earlier pop-shoved his into oblivion.  damn that was such a great move.  dudes have heart, the next generation of skaters show promise.

yeah, i love skateboarding

mitch gaps to crail

going hard in the paint 24-7

"my body is a canvas" -frank

if it aint swellbows its goathead-laced-cow pies...  well shit.

id still love to learn this move but am hesitant to put in the inevitable ground-time.  for now ill shred vicariously with the help of tyler, and a full bars worth of paraffin

thanks to all the fallon homies who shredded, cooked hot dogs, and hung out.  see you next time.