vancouver computer pt4: sac-a-tunies

plastic bills, dimes with cute little sailboats on them, 2 dollar coins...

vancoozie is tempting, but its so fffffackin wet all the time

gonna stew on it for a bit eh

and gonna post photos until p-cone wakes up or until i go get coffee

i wonder when sieben is gonna put this in the 2 page thrasher ad i was promised?  i wonder when sieben is gonna send me a box of 100 boards?  i dont honestly wonder either of those.  the darkroom is the best place for me.  tim olsen gets a steady wash on a go skateboarding day handplant at the honeyhole in 2012.

 pretty sure its shaun d on a front board at the overpass slab

mitch haight about to seal the deal on a frontside flip schmatty to flatty at the world renown cold springs skateboard training facility.  ya, the one right next to the 7-11.

even though hes one of the nicest dudes out, i still got him in my phone as 'mitch hate' because he puts a steady hatin on things like this previously un-ollie-able turd chunk of cement.  you gotta look close, hes not quiiiiiite in front of the sun like i was anticipatin.

guys we got a game in 6 hours, were gonna have people parkin cars over here, i cant have you skating anywhere in sight of this parking lot, its a liability, please just go shoot up by the river instead thanks.

nathan opts for a backisde lipslide.  wise choice young grasshopper.

teddy justin tyler

if we didnt skate we would be in a band

good thing we skate

unless teddy was gonna sing

 just imagine a hackel guitar solo

medrano nosegrinds

toby goes tommy g at mira loma

raider on a brick tickler to fakie

raider, skating/creating.  only now do i realize that the right choice would have been to sit on the bench and look over the top with a fisheye lens.

went to sac with marcus and some homies.  tried reeeaaally hard to get up over 9:00.  cement this big takes a while to get comfy on.  hopefully soon ill have another shot at the loop 50-50.

same day as the last shot [granite/power in/sac park].  this ones tanzanite or something.  pretty sketchball but some fun areas that arent a jacked interpretation of "street" terrain.  marcus digs in on a large wall of crust and penis tags.  classy.  we also skated a killer plaza style park in a huge sporting complex, which had a great mix of levels, banks, tranny, ledges and other weird situations.  i frontside manualed all the way around this shaded island thing made out of bricks.  yes i said frontside manual.  skateboarding is so retarded.

ernie slaps at unr.  he just started a skateboard company called suffix.  i think its a pretty good name.

chode, feeble grind.  note to self: never ever again take a photo with a fire hydrant arbitrarily crammed into the foreground.  talk about forcing it.  yikes. 

we went for the curbs but met up with a whole other crew of dudes who were there for the big boy curbs.

mitch, all the way through the kinks.

thats a long haul, with minimal runup.  as soon as he was done punishing himself with a boardslide, mitch switched to the other rail and began the process of frontside grinding.  for a while he was going 50-50 [i think one off the top to flat] then pop into smith for a few feet and snuck it up to 50-50.  then finally he stuck a smithgrind all the way to the end of the flat and popped out, which i have photos of but im stilllllll kinda holding out on sharing them for some reason.  theyre just too rad to dump on the internet.  one was printed all tiny in lowcard actually.  but i got this color one that i think needs to just be a two page spread somewhere, like sproink issue 10

so until that comes out [probably 2016] you can look at mitch almost sackin his tunies.


vancouver computer pt3: eh is a word in canadian scrabble

it was raining when we woke up and i figured the day was a wash.  but somehow it got dry and we went to skate this park in surrey, which i believe may be west of vancouver somewhere, but dugan doesnt have a map and i dont either so i could be way off.  the park was like something youd see in the jetsons, if george wasnt such a douche and elroy wasnt such a wuss.  all the cement was made from ground up diamonds and the ashes of canadian royalty, and space glass.  the bowl area was covered by an elaborate and very functional awning [not like those halfass mesh triangle sunshade things at the gardnerville park, though i do love it there].  the park sat beside a gymnasium/pool hall for the local youth - itself a gorgeous, looming wedge of perfect glass and wood.  the park was full of recessed lighting fixtures - in the benches and ledges.  the light was soft and bright enough to guide you over the orgasmically smooth and fast perfect middle grey cement...  there were even glowing lights in the bare trees above the park.  i felt like i was in a rich kids backyard.  the entire park was almost TOO aesthetically pleasing and well executed.  a local told me it was 2 blocks away from an area crawling with crack addicts and prostitutes, the poorest zone of western canada.  this is a strange world we live in.  i beefed it once to my front hip and elbow but got a good wisconsin sweat going and was able to turn things around, and made the very most of the session with dugan.  we got photos, super8, and mega sore bods to prove it.  plus i heard its actually gonna dump tomorrow and be dumping all weekend.  ffffack, eh?

oh by the way, 'eh' is a word in canadian scrabble, which means its playable in canadian bananagrams.

onto the photos, which were all reluctantly edited using whatever rudimentary program is on my dell laptop that sounds like a jet fighter.  so the levels are all wonky and theres dust spots galore, but dont let that distract you from the radical feats of the dudes im proud to call friends...

in june of 2013 i visited wisconsin with sarah for nate and trinas wedding.  what a treat.  got to skate estabrook...

"ramps lookin good..." -dugan nichols

hoo boy what a sad sack of wood.  im glad someone finally burned that fucker down.  i was home a few weeks ago and saw that the place is in good hands.  you milwaukee dudes are lucky.

nick sommer, master of outfits
dave kiehl, master of video
tim olsen, master of cardboard

buncha hosers in my book

the parking block spine was pretty fresh at that time.  dave fs grinds.

tim to tail

thats a cop out caption since i dont know what to call this.  maybe a beanplant transfer?  or is a nosegrab with a front foot off an iceplant?

nick...  yeah nicks up to the usual activities

ski or die.  just imagine for a second how awkward this must feel.  somehow he was able to figure out a way to sort of nollie bonk off the block enough to get the float and forward movement out enough to not clip on the way in...  and then ski away.  a true artisan proves there are always new ways to experience a skateboard.

invert varial. send in the kronz.

tim o, proper form on another move i am too unfamiliar with to accurately classify.  i do know that he is regular foot.

got to watch the shop while eric was working street league.  my lifelong dream of gripping boards and talking about this bearing vs. that bearing with longboarders finally came true.  i basked in the beautiful simplicity of that highly specialized responsibility.  i was happy-go-lucky and without stress for 10 days.  one of those days it hailed.

somewhere i have photos of jake pouring a round of metamucil shots

who doesnt love a perpendicular stall sesh?  i think this ledge and the sidewalk in front of classic are a big part of what makes the shop so rad.  classic indeed.  tyler dips a back smith.  there was a weird moment one day where i had to tell some overzealous dude to maybe not do wallrides under the window.

either a foxy babe passed or some dude in a truck yelled HEY FUCKERS!!

tyler gets the across'n'down at lazy 5 with ambient assistance from tom bursills headlights.  popped each flash only once, with pocket wizards.  figure out how and ill buy you a bag of cheetos.

kind of an odd photo but its what you get in limiting circumstances.  toby finds a way over a pretty uncanny though hardly accessible ramp-flat-ramp porch gap.

toby riley shot this for me.  california-keystone exit ramp danger zone.  man i been looking at that thing since i moved out.  just wanna get something so bad on one of those perfect traffic spots you always fantasize about.  it was important to get this without putting the hand on the bar.  details.

i posted a fs smith shot to facebook for justins birthday.  this is from the same sesh, and its more of a dipped fs 5-0 which im betting he is going to disapprove.  but no matter where your board is pointing its just crazy that you can drive your back truck up there and stand on it grinding...

cab and mullen reissues at classic when it was behind never ender.  the case always had really great afternoon sunlight in it.  skateboarding graphics are the gateway drug to the real stoke.

boards have stories.  i loved this graphic because of the cacti and the super bright colors and that they made the food look so gross.  pink woodgrain?!  wow.  it was my backup deck on the oregon trip, which i ended up letting the kc homie kyle ride when we got to seaside park.  i got it back from him when we parted ways and i rode it for a month or 2, until we trekked into the epic desert fullpipe mining spot.  the deck was cashed and i didnt want to carry a full setup back so i left it inside the pipe.  i figured we could use it as a shovel next time we skate there.  also it would be a good indicator of other visitors since then.  if it hasnt moved we can assume no one has been there.  i bet the elements will have zorched the paint off and warped out all the plys.  the full plan is to recover it and hang it up in my apartment.  oh, antihero uses 18 as a logo sometimes since A and H are the 1st and 8th letters of the alphabet.  so this graphic was born of someone turning 'one eight' into 'juan ate'.  just try to not love skateboarding.

any day now...

mitch, barely fitting inside 28mm on a fs stalefish

how sick is this?!

theyre doing a lot of wonderful things daily over at haight laboratories

ernie has a ramp...

spencer fs tailslide

shaun d, fs ollie

my wave bro

hackel, bs disaster.  its gnarly that you are not afraid of that slippery ass sign. 

pivot fakie?  dude man.

dude bro

there were a lot of skateboarders there that day.  heads are top row: jimmy, ernie, ryan, hackmeister, larock, ian, jovonte, raider, stamos, marcus, shaun d upside down, and bottom row: spenzer, myself, le teddy off the boat from barcelona.

lastly i have this strange sequence of images i am still not sure what to do with/about...  my hope is that it gives you all something special to ponder or reconsider.

because what the fuck else are you gonna do?