behold, a headless sphinx

in july of 2013 sarah and i went to santa cruz.  until i look at the pictures i cant remember why we went.

a completely sober brew maiden piloted the mission into the sunset.

i was completely sober too.  been clean for almost 31 years now.

lots of stuff out there reminds me of heath kirchart video parts

riding through this part of california in the daytime usually sucks.  doing it at dusk is a much less harsh experience.

the concept of road construction reminds me of one of dugans books that said something like "perpetual war for perpetual peace" and then also an against me lyric "constant war for constant soldiers".

man has to be his own savior

boo hoo

maybe we were just going to santa cruz to hang out.  i think that was it.  we were meeting j damron at his sisters place.  

a roommate in the house had these awards precariously resting in front of this big window.  the dude was a musician, did scores for tv i think.

kind of a one time deal, sitting next to a few of those things

wave-scoper 3000 was running low on batteries, had to rely on the ol' binnocks.  

i had just come off an epic skate trip through oregon, where we camped on the beach like a pack of rowdy vagrants every night.  was nice to be back chilling on the sand.

temporary neighbors, raging

one of those tiny dogs that just shivers its entire life.  has to be like 85 degrees out for it to not be shaking.  his owner was surfing and this guy was just stressing out for 45 minutes.  

exposure test from my place of rest

heres that one thing

just cause ive been going sideways for 18 years doesnt mean i know anything about surfing.  had to learn that the hard way once.  maybe someday i will retire from my life of working non-living wage paying jobs and put in a year or two going sideways in the water.  

unfed desires to escape and commune...  

sarah look a huge beach vagina

thats not really what i said

seems like a weird way to fish

it was 3 months prior to my 13 show and i was still raking them in left and right.  oh yeah that was another reason for this mission west - we had a special stop in san jose.


voicemail from tanner

or maybe hannah

or, you never know, they could be listening to steely dan

i was like 50 yards away so these are only guesses

someone tell me the chicken or the egg origin story of this logo.  did the skateboarding company invent it?  has civic pride gone way too far?  is there a series of stickpeople decals in the obstructed corner of that rear window?  and lastly, who wears this stuff more - residents or visitors?

maybe all of that is inconsequential to ponder.  but i still prefer it to who is winning.

photographer with no right to ever be bored

best bush this side of the mississippi.  the winchester history mouse wakes up at 6am each morning to hit this thing with his vintage 1982 sears hedgetrimmer.  you gotta read the small print.  read between the leaves.  these messages maybe you arent receptive to at all?  its cool.

wouldnt sweat it.

would have been stoked on this sign any other day.  a huge 13 bush just blows everything else outta the water though.

we didnt even take the tour.  took the free route and checked out the huge gift shop and the yard and then bounced.  im just here for the bush, thank you.  jamming econo.

all through the san jose area i kept my eyes peeled, expecting to recognize "those one red curbs that jason adams did slappies on" which is just silly.  but thats skateboarding.  we really might drive 4 hours to have fun on a simple parking lot CURB.  

a curb

this image soothes me a bit as i suffer through the gnarliest stress induced canker sore outbreak of my life.  woke up with 5 yesterday.  need to relax.

stopped to eat in walnut creek.  i think thats where corey duffel came from.  it seemed like a pretty stuffy area so i stole a fork from the place we got lunch.  take that, rich people.

hey wheres our fork?

how do we go on without that fork?  dont sell another salad until we get that fork!  no ones gettin any kale!!

theres a fruit stand out there where you can get the sour licorice.

unresolved?  oh, no.  not at all.

my final answer

to keep your undies in a bunch

"...thats when i read THE BOAT ROCKER by terrance mann..."

the colfax starbucks - because you cant bear the thought of driving through a mountain pass not completely blitzed on sugar and caffeine.  rudy, not fucking around.  how long can this go on?

thats reno humor right there.  im sure RNR has used that exact phrase in print before.

in spite of observations one can rest assured that it is due to a love of the world that photography happens.