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your life as rendered by the shameless combination of an obvious lack of understanding of the way a camera sees things and feverish postprocessing. you might think im the fastest photographer out there but i have spent a lot of time - probably HOURS - watching online tutorial videos made by 16 year olds on how to fix bad photos, so any trace of my carelessness in the moment will be impossible to detect after i sit in starbucks clicking and dragging away like mad as i alternately guzzle a frapp-a-chino and scroll through my insta feed. youll be paying me for my time but i guarantee it will be worth every dollar - the creative process, hey what can i say?

i mean, what IS light anyways? when you know how to just get in there and mess with the levels a little bit, the concept of it is pretty much secondary to hitting the button 3,000 times in 20 minutes. light is basically obsolete as far as im concerned. my post game is super on point. you would be surprised what i can do with a raw file - make you not even look like you. make you look 60 years younger and 500 pounds lighter. make your dog look like your cat. is the car not in the right place? is there a tree coming out of your head? is your grandmas eyes closed? did my gary fong blow out all your skin tones? fuckin no problem. im not even LOOKING when im doing this shit. and hey, you want photos that look like metal? i can do that too.

a little history -
i got really into photography when i realized all my passions kinda had that one thing in common - epic sunsets, huge concerts, burning man, clouds, cats, cool buildings, apple products, fashion/porn, nightlife, and of course instagram. it kinda hit me over the head, like, this is my calling you know? so i signed up for a photo course but it turned out it was a darkroom class. i quickly found out that analogs just not my thing - way too slow, super annoying and pretty much pointless as i could not see how i could turn anything that artsy into making money. i mean, why do i even have this macbook with cs9? i just felt like i was way past all that already. i got sick of all the beginner stuff and honestly i kind of stopped showing up after a few weeks. instead i just did like a ton of online research on professional photography, and upped my social media game - started following a bunch of pros who can make any picture look like its both daytime AND nighttime. my favorite is this one guy who takes THE BEST photos of girls looking down alleys.

i recently spent a LOT of money on a pro setup, dont really wanna say how much - lets just say it was over 2500 dollars. so yeah obviously im not playing around anymore, ive basically gone pro and im ready to do it all. cant wait to spend 30 hours editing someones wedding photos. anyways i might have to re-adjust my rates to reflect that large sum i just spent but you can rest assured they will be super competitive with the other top-tier area photographers. im actually thinking of upgrading already anyways, so the extra cash could help, especially when i factor in the cost of having my website/logo/watermark designed, 100,000 business cards printed, and the SILVER SPOON mugs/sweatshirts/frisbees/jump drives/vibrators/sunglasses produced and ready for sale on the silver spoon etsy page. still really want to get those "born to click" bumper stickers done too. thinking i might just set up a kickstarter for all that.

whew, its exhausting but you know, its just really exciting to be playing the sport of photography.



we premiered shaun d's new reno skate vid RIDE IT DONT FIGHT IT at the valley warehaus where me and carnage have a darkroom, and where i have constructed some ramps because i like building stuff and i like skating on wood.

it was november 28th and a pretty good amount of people showed up, many of which i did not recognize, which means probably that they were friends of friends or from out of town - good things for a video premiere.

so much ripping in the video.

anyways i didnt really feel like being a photographer thats trying to be a photographer cause event photography is not fun for me - HEY TAKE PICS SO WE CAN SEE THEM ON THE INTERNET THE NEXT DAY, YOURE GONNA POST THESE RIGHT? WHEN CAN WE SEE THEM? DO YOU HAVE A BUSINESS CARD?

art will always kick commerce in its ugly bile-filled balls

so we got point-n-shoot with the on-board flash, and i love it

[if i seem mad right now its cause im tired of reading about people all over the world just fucking shooting each other]

so yeah, skating - the pure stuff we live for...

ted had a rad kit, as always. ted also had last part. bad ass.

bad butt

bad anus

some skating went down before the flick. chris james got a qp to bank via riding on the wall

ian wall sweeper

mitch qp to fs grab on the wall to the bank

allright bungholes its showtime

never seen that many people in the place before

i watched the video from a variety of vantage points, including standing on top of a piano

i think they liked it because afterwards more skating happened

some guy dressed like spencer totally ripping

mitch, 'oop off the qp

there is not a bad time/place for this maneuver. 43s por vida.

been a minute since i saw jessica, always rad

seth has rad style, and a rad approach. tail on the little edge to bank.

all 4 limbs engaged

qp to wall back to qp. amen to that.

at this point i stopped shooting and went to go sell some raffle tickets. i did not plan that aspect of the evening properly and so did not sell nearly as many as i could have. it is hard to wear multiple hats when you have one head and one favorite hat, or something. anyways i was hawking tickets and at some point sophia asked to take a photo with my camera. then she ended up just holding the camera all night and shooting a shit-ton of pictures, and was pretty into it. this perfectly solved my dilemma of not wanting to walk around taking photos of people, plus its a rad experiment cause i had no idea what was gonna happen on the cf card.

so these are all sophia's photos...

travis hughes wins the most hours skated award with 5 outta the 6 he was there. maybe he was skating during the video too, im not sure.

never did i think id ever have so many spitfire shirts but classic keeps pumping out rad collabos and stocking shirts with cobras and huge orange swirl things. the new long sleevers are sick, been too long since i had a longsleeve t.

kyndra was taking skater portraits all night for a school project - THOSE are gonna be the real gems youll want to see

hang on, lookit that dude...

full on jamie thomas 'failure' face scraper off the back porch, and still smiling - unless thats a happy wince.

heck yeah shaun. how many hours of holding a vx1000 a foot above the ground did you clock? how many miles traveled in search of stoke? how many mouse clicks to put an hour long video together? hats off to you bud.

next gen

bates, winning some very comfortable socks

sophia also won the very comfortable socks

they have vents above the toes - of all the companies making fuckin socks right now why is there only one putting sweat vents in the toes?

sorry frank, classic did not give us any kingpins to raffle off

not like he even cared

i saw him do nice tailslides on glynns board

and he said a lot of funny stuff

you guys, i think i gotta kickflip

the lady who sat next to shaun d on the ladder while we skated. i am going to hazard a guess and say they are romantically involved as i have never seen shaun d sit on a ladder for that long.

everyone got flashburn because i cranked the exposure compensation 2 stops up to shoot the skating. sorry boutchya complexions

cristy with the epic fluff jacket

gnar from afar

a pivot kickflip fakie in that qp is no walk in the park

cant stop the bertlemann army

youd be stoked too if you had perfect bs disasters. and if you did a nose manny nollie flip across that box.


lookit all those nice smiles. that is the sophia effect.

hats off to anyone that dates a skater. we are a bunch of man-babies and you are most tolerant of our childish pursuits, wrecked bodies and inability to grasp true adult responsibilities. of course, we are also the coolest dudes out there...


 deep thoughts

flash needed a nap

spencer had the right idea. phase 2 of this setup coming soon.

nylon selfie

best fuckin bert in the game. what do you call this thing? dead man's bert? couch potato? worm burner?

nah, thats just how we did em in 'nam

sick collabo right here, really digging it.

you know, not only are there still not enough women riding skateboards, but there are definitely not enough women shooting skating.

 carnel, on the fuckin wall!

i took the two of chris. got too stoked when i saw him going for the bricks. gave sophia's index finger a 2 minute rest before she closed out the night...

looks like she was gettin the hang of it - not bad at all

frank exposed my deep dark secret so i may as well just publish it here

i ride for a dollhouse griptape company

thats right

dollhouse griptape

tiny sheets, like for a dolls house

they flow me 60 sheets a month and i meticulously stick them to the top of my board in various patterns to achieve that artschooly grip vibe

deborah, who runs it, is a really nice lady that has a grandson who used to skate, conner. he got into hondas or something. anyways shes got a bunch of other dollhouse sized equipment which we are working on finding ways to cross-promote in the skater crowd. for a while we were talking with thrasher about taking out ads for fingerboard ramps that you could put in the backyards of dollhouses but he was being all homophobe-y about it so that never took off. for now its just tiny griptape. i have a few extra sheets if you wanna try it - [industry secret here, same grit as the company that rhymes with "gessup" so you know its legit!]

anyways, please like dollhouse griptape's facebook page and follow them on twitter and tag your best griptape photo for a chance to win 60 sheets of dollhouse griptape

and please still be my friend

 ah you know its really not that bad when look at what company frank rides for

and spencer... yeah i think hes still working on his sponsor me tape

somehow this accidental floor picture sums up the whole evening. fuckin skate and destroy, everybody.

thanks to sophia for tirelessly documenting a bunch of dorks trying not to hurt themselves

thanks to eric at classic for kicking down a rad selection of raffle prizes as well as the raffle tickets themselves, and to megan for making the non-meat muffins

thanks to ronnie at valley for locking the back door when the cops showed up and hiding all the soda

big congrats to shaun d and all the reno skaters who ripped onscreen. not that there was any doubt in this gang before, but after that night its clear the local stoke is alive and well!!

also a special thanks to shaun for filming my 32 year old ass - you are a patient visionary. its a huge fuckin treat to have a brand new full part that i am super hyped on, especially given that i came from another planet just 4 years ago. i see the video as a testament to the overall radness of the reno skate scene, which i feel lucky to be a part of.

hard copies are coming soon!!