we had to go to la. sarah had to go for work. i had to go cause she was going. dugan had to go cause we talked about going.

yeah, still walking around with a pencil jammed into a book

i think we skated reno for a few days before we left town. hilights include:
-dugan and hackel in the same place
-making fun of idlewild while still enjoying idlewild
-going to the grocery store
-i cant remember, it was already like 2 months ago

art pickup at cuddle works and we hit it

the vancoozie transplant brought some uncanny rains

sarah drove the first half or maybe 5/8 while we listened to episodes of radio lab and all of its over-done sound tricks. i stitched the fuck out of a blown out pair of jeans and took the photos.

seems i regularly forget how rad it is to be on a highway, on a car trip, in motion going somewhere past all kinds of stuff - the game of everything always changing, all of it at different speeds depending on its proximity to your spot in space/time. so many hours in a previous life spent behind the wheel and using photography as a tool to absorb, dissect and destroy the alleged banality of the vision of car travel.

theres a lot less to look at in nevada than there was in wi/il but its a much bigger less

our pilot inspektor

haha thats the name of jason lee's kid isnt it?

you can see all the drama out there

ya finally cleared up there

it was gonna be my turn to drive so we all brushed the road chow out of our teeth. maybe just dugan.

i cleansed my palette by other means

there he is

reminds me of those slow mo glory shots they used to do on wednesdays with reda, back when i could tolerate the contents of the berrics.


yep white cars still there. except... theres something different this time... oh, im standing someplace else, duh

so ya i drove and we made it all the way to this place i thought was one of those airplane graveyards. false alarm but we had to wizz anyways.

just out there seeing the sights of victorville ca

then all of a sudden we were in long beach

we went skating

though im not really sure in what order and to where

but we did get to thrash the following spots/parks:
orizaba park
cherry park
long beach city park
bronson canyon ditch
stoner park
2 parking lot slappy spots
hollenbeck park with the sex bathrooms
the p-rod park with the wood chips
occidental campus [sort of]
this manual/ledge bleacher setup at a swimming pool
i think some other stuff

got up for an 8am mission with ted. first stop was a local slappy spot at a crossfit gym with a dude worried about his boss getting mad at him. but its cool, he used to skate, we understand.




from there i pushed as fast as i could to keep up with ted, slayer-charged hessian. had to get to cherry before it devolved...

simple, pure, raw

t-ed got his tub girl on [nollie lip] 'cross the 3 block and i got my top shelfer/upper decker 'cross the 3 stack in the background [fs lipslide]. both these obstacles are gone now. as always, get some while you can, unless yer sleeping in.

ted had to get to work so we bombed a hill

quick feet mcghee up top stop stop stop

not a better floor to sleep on. thanks m'liss

you ready to skate orizaba?

from ted and melissas place we took THE BEST sidewalk ride OF MY LIFE to get to this park. it
was all slightly downhill, with a minor tailwind off the ocean. perf temp. a full variety of every surface and shape of sidewalk square was sampled, all the grand textures at high speeds. with the right amount of swerving around parked cars, a barf pile, fallen vegetation mixed in to keep you on your toes. the rhythm of the cracks was intoxicating. you didnt even really have to push but you were so stoked you did anyways.

its an odd setup but its got the basics in spades, plus a nice tight brickbank. larry with a nosegrind.
after o-zaba we went back and when ted came home from work we hit the lbc park. would love to have that kinda day 2 or 3 times a week.

dugan only wanted to eat burritos from hole mole

 nick sommer in classic form

its the ditch they jousted at in the movie thrashin. fabled crete you guys.

ted did a bert, potentially for the first time

nate was the best skate dad. drove the van and got us donuts. and sat in the sun filming.

we were on a mission, trying to help nick get a trick for the friendship - the prospect of getting to shoot a photo that might end up as an ad for a rad company printed in a magazine added an odd weight to the trip, for a few brief moments here and there i entertained the fantastic notion that i was on the best kind of business trip.

bronsons got some diy add-ons in some pretty tricky zones. the p-block was the friendliest. lare got his nose press fs revert and i had cramer st ramp flashbacks.

the locals were on some yogurt/butt sliding next level behavior

you mess with the rodgocks you get the horns

bit of a cooker

gotta stay loose for the next spot

the section of the ditch that isnt at a steep angle to a garbage river is pretty fun - big haffpike style banks. dugs got a swizzy hizzy and i kinda botched it.

at the next spot the pool was looking really good after the bronson cook zone and a morning session at stoner, and at least 2 donuts.

you guys see that squirrel?

you mean that giant one in the velour track pants?

for the sake of skateboardings odd media rules i wont show you the spot but you can watch nick do other stuff...

hey we need a wardrobe change if this photo is gonna work - the velvet pants are gobbling up all the light off the strobes

crush the bull first

then a gallon of lukewarm los angeles tap water

reverse cornholio

why dont we have you go ahead and put all your sweaty clothes back on. thanks. gotta suffer for your art, right?

then we took some photos. hopefully in a mag soon...

 we gettin chow?

hey mister can you spare a 14 dollar burger?

whos idea was it to get burgers anyways?

was it the guy who didnt end up even GETTING a burger?

cant get my head around it guys

get offa my lawn

 speaking of shirts, teds got a vintage gilfoil shirt. rad.

all my favorite pictures are from inside cars. never would have suspected that.

cars are just like any other stuff if you can figure out how to use them

someone does bus stickers for a living

another day in pursuit of a usable skate photo for nick. he picked up a tv for his project...

shangri LA

peep it and donate!

 looks like some kinda star wars somethin'er'other

at the occidental campus, warming up for the 10 stair hubba. got the boot from a funny security guard. they had some fancy dinner on the quad and didnt want us ruining the uppity vibe, or the ledges.

babe whats up with those ka-BOBs?

how was yer day dugs?
eh, just clockin mannys

 nate and trina made some epic grill chow and then i told everyone the story about how i got arrested for selling a golf club i found in a ditch. then we went inside and dugan shared a radical alien abduction story. nice to get good'n'spooked before bed.

you could fry the skin right off the soles of your wisconsin baby feet out there

while i was picking my nose at the skatepark my brother bought a house

nates custom friendship sled with risser as the tasmanian devil

hollenbeck park... uh, dugan did a manual trick ive never seen and nate did grind 180 the wrong way and i did boardslides until i could boardslide no more - tied but could not top my record of sections slid on the flatbar. next time!

s-may on the vay-cay

got a good sleep stee

nice to just chill with friends

at that one spot where you do the grinds that you dont have to ollie into

 shot some s8 down there for slap happy. nate went frontal skiddy-do

always not hyped to leave the buds and the good times and all the solid sideways goings. spanks for puttin us up ted melissa nate trina

ever watch a thousand ants go after a honey roasted peanut?

395 was just how we left it. finally skated the lone pine park. worth a camping trip i think.

someday we will gild this lilly!