was diggin around. since the majority of photograph stuff just ends up sitting and i enjoyed the process of riffing in the last blog i figured id get it going. opened up a folder from march of 2014 and saw some scans of stuff i shot through the kiev 60, a ukranian jank-tank copy of the pentax six. so i dug around through the rest of 2014 and pulled out whatever else i shot in that camera, and its all represented here [minus the roll from my trip to vancouver, which is in the vancouver blog].

so yeah, kind of a weird collection of images here...

january 2014, while you were watching football. carson city installed this weird skatepark that looks like a drainage ditch, not much roll out deck, kinda vintage park design i guess. carnage met us there. it snowed and i rode back to reno with chris. we scoped out a pool and some old trucks.

tyler did some noseblunt slides. the camera didnt advance the film all the way. man i can hear the 'clunk' of the mirror and curtain shutter just looking at these images.

bigger cameras have shutter lag and its always interesting to try compensating for that accurately, especially with flip tricks - i never would have gotten this shot with a dslr. tyler karate kicks a flipper over the fullpipe.

pyramid lake

if youre looking for a mini-chute to parking block sign post high speed needle threader, unr has you covered. tyler takes the plunge.

spitting image at holland project. austin and julian making the good noise.

a note on the scans: the nature of my tray and scanner doesnt allow me to get a full frame capture of the image. theres also a ton of junk on the film and glass, which i have warmed up to over the years. a little gunk reminds you that hands are involved.

i heard jase recently moved to hawaii. frontside rock in a pretty gnarly situation.

kiev 60 syncs at 1/60th so you gotta wait til the sun starts to dip if you want to get the flashes going. jordan mullen gets a smith at pettits pool, radical.

cooper did a stale over the double hip at lazy and i botched the angle in favor of showing you that huge barn.

if you ever get the chance, sit down with frank on a curb for 2 hours and listen to his stories. best dude.

this is street skating

is this thing on? no clue what happened here. sometimes the camera jams up and you have to wiggle it or blow into it or sing it some beach boys.

in february i went to wisconsin for the holidays. a stupid time of year to visit the midwest but thats what i liked about it. c-ham showed me where he worked. i think he put all the vinyl on these work trucks. im not into repetition for repetition's sake, like its not something you go out looking for. but sometimes it makes sense.

since we couldnt skate we went to some of the places we would be skating, just to look at them. maybe it will be interesting. just looking for something to do. its kind of a secondary element to bro time.

i miss estabrook on a weekly basis

north ave library benches salvaged and given the best afterlife a bench could hope for

february - maybe statistically not quite as cold as january?

of course, the dtp

funny as hell to be there, reconsidering the space in a way i never did, in such extreme conditions. a big weird playground lays dormant beneath undulating drifts which both echo and play off of the aging wood...  how many hours clocked? how much homework left undone?

a frontside 270 lipslide was as good as it ever got

every time i look at that ugly lake it reminds me of me

back of the 9. it didnt always have a railing up top...

evan, dipped over feeble

farting on some bikers

given that the park is made of wood and has been around since 98 or 99 im surprised it hasnt been changed up more.

j-ham always liked songs with good saxophone. its kind of a weird instrument to like.

while cole is taking a polaroid ill just brush my teeth in this parking lot.

lights good but damn i look like a jock

hey i need some help here, i think we got half a frame left

the official flag of idlewild came down in the last year. it was up there for so long.

one day we skated a hosoi setup. tyler has those weird christ airs where you keep your feet on and dont grab.

hammerhead crook to fakie on the favorite wall of one scaught bates

marcus went outta the qp to smith at panther valley park

ian went out of the qp to wall at the auburn park

jordan got a no-run-up boardslide at unr. how many years til they have a wolf pack skate team? id be all about getting a full ride scholarship to shred.

nate got a 50-50 that reminds me of slap magazine for some reason

its funny where the desire to crop out or hide other documentarians will force you to shoot your photo from. dude we got some snow up here. i printed this one 10x10 just so you could get a good look at the light on those trucks. glorious blastage.

this image would suggest that at one point i had a decent [not expired] roll of color film in the camera but this twin image scan is the only file of its nature i could find. very mysterious. if i never hear that 'royal' song agin that would be just fine. anyways, we werent in kc, we were in vc. i think 2014 was a pretty heavy year for cars.

filled with hatred

we release our poison

im forcing you to look at cars. its the best way to punch you in the face but also in the mind.

photography is serious, i wouldnt lead you astray...

mostly interested in the balance between form and content with a very specific type of content often appearing to yield to form - but how can you be sure?

unbreakable disdain for responsibility and authority may force me one day into another lifestyle

until the next gold rush you know where to find me

contemporary babes are great but is anything as aesthetically appealing as the 60s?


Classic's 2015 DEATH RACE

time for another death race at the fallon park [sometimes called the terrordome]

 course was equipped with a duct tape strip to indicate where most dudes will eat shit.

although fallon, nv is about as "direct sun" as it gets, the white balance setting with the sun icon renders the world in these cool tones. its a nikon d70 from 2004. my theory is thanks to global warming the colors of the suns increasingly harsh rays have intensified and the balance is thusly shifted in my otherwise vintage digital equipment. aaaaaand since i still dont really fuck with custom white balance we are just gonna go with open shade...

id prefer green to look more yellow than blue anyways

lantto had a lot of good bullhorn commentary going, mostly zing-oriented. i think his body language here is an adequate representation of what probably came echoing across the cement.

a lot of re-do's were issued on account of late or false starts, and early wipeouts. it seemed like there were a lot of newer skaters racing this year, which is rad.

the first turn is a mean one if you dont enter it right. no matter if you go wide or tight the trick is still to stay low.

getcha roll on

then getcha skateboard

if your board goes into the dick bowl thats a re-do

i always forget that kids grow until i see them after i havent seen them and its like holy shit man you guys are fucking mutating. brendan seriously sprouted since i last saw him. as a produce dept employee at the great basin community food co-op i cant help but wonder if lattin farms has anything to do with it...

suspenders vs spiderman - the high desert fashion war rages on!

the 90s tranny on the dark side of the pyramid claims yet another victim

ah, hang on a sec...

first off, i just want to say that i am NOT into selfie shaming. i think young girls, and everyone, should be allowed to love themselves or whatever. thats good stuff. BUT i cant help but chuckle at public self absorption. not that ONE selfie indicates a person is afflicted with that particular level of narcissism, but you DO have to wonder - is it possible to have inadvertently captured the SINGLE time in the afternoon this event transpired? i suppose the truth we can access here is that two girls took a phone selfie at a skateboard race, which is a completely harmless, if not entirely banal thing. whether you spend the day ripping or looking at yourself on your phone, all that matters is youre having a good time. you know, fuckin, yolo or something.

anyways yeah, dalton lost that one

mikeys fast shades had a dead battery

dude, you GOTTA go solar

skate or fly

nate with the mall grab start - thats some serious method acting

really getting into character up there

man, thats what you get for trying to out-euro big teddy

dude how sweaty are you right now?

nate ended his run with a hardflip

weve done these races for a few years now but im still trying to pick up on the subtleties of death race body language. for instance, is this a "oh no you dont" shirt grab, or a "bro, im slipping" steadying technique? i suppose it could also be "dont make me go down that big ramp by myself"

ah man, thats the oldest move in the book right there

dudes, there were 2 girls skating in fallon. my skater heart fuckin swells every time. tell yer friends, get more girls out there shredding!

 radical for all

here we go

around the deathbox, eyes on the first turn...

jordan, getting a little drifty...

... while mitch gets tubed

from the bullhorn: DIRT NAP

the cigarette smoking man and fox mulder

nah just kidding its the grass valley homie and ian

man i had you guys going with that xfiles shit huh?

mulder what the hell are you doing?
ian goes rogue
the bert is out there

 getting on a skateboard - not always that easy

after the first round of races there was a short break so lantto could set up round two on the clipboard and drink another red bull

its funny, the one time i want to razz eric for drinking red bulls i really cant, since it was also my beverage of choice for the day [besides water]. its something i do maybe 2 or 3 times a year just to get weird. but hey, if youre drinking one around lantto write your name on it cause dude will just grab the nearest can like its his.

anyways, nate was getting weird too. i dont know what he was drinking - maybe an az iced tea. or milk, a popular choice for frank, who also wears adidas track suits [he only wears them to weddings though, he doesnt skate in them like nate does].

ah shit the lights the same as last year, guess ill go back up in the tree...

in paris they consider this "locked in"

well butter my baguette

ian took the weird wood for a frontsider. sorry boutcha hand dog.

duuuude is that back arm steez reminiscent of antwuan dixon or what?

'big candy' has to be one of the best nicknames in pro skating. up there with cookiehead jenkins [real name?]

time for round 2

whole buncha parents and friends hanging out watching the races - super cool. the trees around the skatepark seem to have grown a bunch - there was plenty of good shade to chill under. ill award the fallon park 13 extra points to make up for all the points lost in the design/execution category. overall, one of the best in the area. but this is northern nevada so we gotta rip whats available.

 lantto: "switch hats.

now switch hats again."

sometimes when the wind blows just right, the smell of organic beet farts can kick up out of the dick bowl. tyler in the wrong place at the right time.

holy shit. talk about nbd's.

spiderman vs mitch

yo fallon skaters, im sorry i cant remember any of your names, no offense!

spidermans a badass name anyways

its a trick from my days photographing groups for the yearbook. if you need to direct a kid to move and theres 60 kids up there wiggling around you just go "hey, lightning bolt shirt" or "packers jersey, take a step to the left - no, your other left". kids love that shit. one time i came back a year later and a kid told me his whole class was still calling him 'stripes'.

mitch: "hey just gonna check out this coping real quick"

thats what you call getting BODIED

he slams as hard as he skates

dear diary,
today i beat mitch haight in the death race.

 i think the best bullhorn razz of the day was something to the effect of telling this kid he was racing himself in 20 years. you could almost smell that one coming.

if theres any truth to it the dude has a lot of ripping and world travel ahead of him.

between races jordan opened up a hesh portal with 66.6 consecutive frontside grinds in the dick bowl

most chaotic start award - lj in the bowl and tyler down the bank...

yeah thats a re-do if ive ever seen one

blind spot check? must be his home turf.

oh yeah i saw those guys on the cover of the national enquirer. its cool that theyre skating.

scale as exaggerated by proximity - its all relative.

organic produce will get you there

a thousand leaves

high siding

i think if i didnt skate and i saw these two photos i would be mesmerized. looks so fucking fun.

would you believe this is a bigspin in?

hang on just gotta smoke this grom real quick

all of a sudden it was the last race, same as last year - tyler and chris

nah you guys gotta go again

can anyone beat chris james?

 now what?

no comply boardslide

claudia narrowly dodged some sky milk - its been 13 years since ive had my griptape shit on.

best trick contest on the double sider. tyler cracked his board and i told him hey man nows the time to get a kickflip bs lip - kind of as a joke since thats the trick youre gonna destroy your board into pieces with, but then he just went and did it. "whoa i never did that before, cool idea." must be nice.

you are not imagining this. that is a no comply to bluntslide. not even sure how to shoot it...

setting standards for untrodden grounds here

so hang on, you put your foot on the floor and then your tail goes up on the rail? wait, you lost me, which foot?

chris got the 3-peat, and a pile of stuff

brendan got best trick for a series of rad moves on the curb

one flew over

did anyone think they were gonna beat spiderman over that janky fence? although it appears that one kid is seriously about to impale himself, no skaters were harmed in the board toss.


as fate would have it this board went to a dude who beefed super hard in the race.

the prize for gnarliest slam went to randy, who was the first dude i raced. i didnt see it but i definitely heard his carcass hit the ground behind me and the collective "ooooh" that followed. after that i had to race chris, who warned me to put down the camera for the race or else he was gonna break it. ah yeah, thats the spirit right there.

hey man you got a wrench?

other assorted freebies fell from the skies, including this zine. hey jesse whats that say?

oh. yes of course. fart noises.

skating rules

thanks to classic and everybody that showed up to rip/spectate/etc. see you next time fallon!