2016 digitals

I didn't shoot much digital in 2016. Thats as much to do with my general ambivalence/disdain for the format as it is the fact that I have a nikon d70 from 2004. Thats 13 years ago - the camera equivalent of those nokia brick phones. Heres what appears to have gone down in '16...

the older I've gotten, the weirder Santa Claus has gotten

stranger than fiction

normal behavior

ritual performance art dance moves of the snow-scrapin' skate spot primer gang

it was january and Trevor Bird backside tailslid his way right onto the Classic Skateshop team. And then of course the university skate-stopped those things.

this straight slice through time/space spits in the face of 'winter' and ignores organized team sports altogether.

this is the tail in question - skate rat status, fucking rad.

it was fun while it lasted. wow this photo is warm. mitch goes alley-oop from qp to bank by means of the brick wall. true obligation of the suggested route - a visual music more rad than any bus driver could make sense of.

can you imagine for a second
doin anything that you dont have to
well thats what im accustomed to
so hooray for me and fuck you

when i would show prints of wallrides to my photo teacher he would turn them sideways like this

can you imagine for a second
tryin half the things you ever wanted to
well thats just what i do
so hooray for me

[slob plant]

seth came through to get a photo for his 'welcome to the classic team' announcement

first he ollied a bedside table full of vintage lingerie. then he backside flipped through a qp skeleton full of unrealized dreams. someone was eatin cereal that night. seth, you're the piano man.

justin got a pivot fakie on this god damn thing

whats so rad about this sculpture is the fish snake thing looks like its watching you skate it

i took photos of an art gallery next to that one body of water with the snow and trees and rich people. im a dick. i think they paid me to do it, which is cool. as always, i take some for me as well...

there is an inner logic

seek refuge in the concrete certainty of the second dimension, with all of its subtle demands

a pile of my moving boxes were in the gallery, for love of language and a sarcastic ode to being owned by what you claim to own. a sharpie on cardboard - art butter

when youre in deep there is no thinking

nate joski had a piece installed in the library, which was my final stop. after regretting my choice of a striped shirt that day i sat down with some photo texts to wait for the taxi down to the proletariat housing.

a ballad of something to believe in...

went on a work field trip with the co-op to san francisco. we went to co-ops and ate a ton of good food. i bailed on a foot massage to instead walk around china town and shoot 2 rolls of film.

another work-related outing that month was the staff party at the go-kart / mini-golf spot

1990s was the required uniform

one of those motorized broomsticks

scenes from the backyard as it appeared in february...

forever moist

grey man, thats some nerve

shaun d and a tiny green square

light test - YEP, cameras ready to roll!

nate, wagon wheel smithers

ian, double truck, broomstick mathematics

my girlfriend hates this shirt but im gonna grind this bowl

someday i wont be a salsburger. maybe.

its a funny thing to realize you are way less hesh than you once thought. skateboarding is the embodiment of relativity in so many ways.


jordan puttin his truck right where it goes

ian, b-slide. its a two-fer. jordan, fs grind.

the people who run sculpture fest werent feeling my proposal. not burning man enough i guess.

having a constantly shifting environment in which to make perfect rectangles is what i like most about shooting bands

sure why not

spooky's M.O. is being good enough to catch the mouse but then acting like hes a bumbling moron as soon as he gets it into the house

enough of this

hack-jobbing my way through formalities

i got a text from dean that his friend was in town and wanted to skate pools only. luckily there was one that was empty and not a bust. somehow the stars aligned and it happened. punker matt was in his element - something ive never witnessed firsthand...

over the d-box right away
a spot i could still not understand access to

empty pools are the best


hey, wheres that pool?

matt skated like his life depended on it and being that my skating has always been linked to certain levels of desperation, escapism, and demon exorcising, i really appreciated his hungry fervor. im sure a fully skatable lefthand kidney was fuel for that fire. most skaters it seems like dont have that fire at all, which has always baffled me.

you can put your old skate shoes on ebay and people will pay you good money for them

the more fucked up and customized the better. sure, ill ship you this trash for 65 bucks!

i found out the hard way that i cant skate boards smaller than 8.5 anymore. after 1 session this guy went up on the kitchen wall.

trying with no luck to re-vulc an un-vulc'd waffle

yer a good man, spook

shaun d figured this one out in a line. i tried to swim upstream but was thwarted by the wind.

ah, the old 'rail in the grass' trick. so fun to not completely die trying to 5050 a round bar. somehow i crookied across this. ben got a lawnmowin' feeble.

senior picture

the escape pod, into the unknown