back to the future

way back when i started posting photos and text to myspace blogs - just over ten years ago - a requirement was a third party online image storage like photobucket. it was free so i started using that site and then never stopped, including when i switched to blogspot when myspace dumped the blog feature. not sure what year that was but the majority of my online posting/ruminating has been done on this blog. because i have never been super savvy when it comes to computers - maybe reluctantly adept at best - i completely overlooked the fact that blogspot lets you upload photos right into the template. my brain melts when i think of all the accumulated hours and stress wasted on doing it the hard way - pasting photobucket links, jumping between windows, computer freezing more and more over the years as photobucket got more infested with pop up ads and videos. a few months ago all my images on the blog vanished and photobucket sent me an email asking to pay for the storage. still not totally sure what im going to do about all those blogs which are now photo-less... anyways, the hard way is how i learn most things so fuck it i guess. im just glad theres still a free and easier option here.

sometime last year i started getting the serious itch to use a nice full frame digital camera again. the last time i "had" one [a canon 5d] was summer of 2011. since then its been mostly film. in late 2012 i did strike up a love/hate relationship with a series of two used nikon d70 bodies, each of which glitch out regularly. in spite of their anomalous flash sync capabilities that make shooting skating in reno's high desert light an uncanny cakewalk, the camera falls short in almost every other way and is undependable on top of being the wrong kind of outdated for what id like to be making. after months of research and vigilant craigslist watching i found what i was looking for. someone was selling a nikon d800 body for 700 bucks. i met a kid at the bagel shop with a pocket full of cash and jumped back in to having the means to gather perfect replications of the visual world again at my fingertips.

since it was just the body i brought a nikon mount vivitar series 1 f2.8 28-90mm. i took one photo of a bush, was stoked, and handed the money over. the kid had used it to shoot video, we exchanged instagrams and i found out his last name is the same as my hometown - took that as a good sign.

photo at 28mm shows vignetting from the skylight filter on the lens. im going to be doing this all with older film lenses at least for a while. i like that limitation as manual focus means im slowing down. digital was fun because it was fast, but i think ill learn and think more if im not going that fast.

paint and destroy
and then sell on ebay for more than you paid for them

f2.8 in the kitchen. man i gotta go outside and see how it does in the night. i love weird night photos.

haphazard light test with a spook factor

a lot of these images are basically me just seeing what the camera does in different situations. more a record of curiosity than a stream of photographs i feel serious about...

its been so long since i could take the photos i wanted to take at night that i didnt even remember what those photos are - this is a totally fresh context and the doors are blown wide open. pretty exciting.

renewal on the activity of looking, a secret golden ticket

sanity and revelation

unknown communion

fresh air palette cleanse


whats yer vernacular?
better go buy some chips

where you are,
whats the world gonna give you?
ask and refrain from pushing
slow questions a break from fast answers

uncle matty's camry

bates tanning his eyeballs when the sun and the moon were doin stuff


previously inaccessible domestic scenario now completely in the wheelhouse

great spot to die

im not technical at all but this is beyond good enough resolution for me. what am i gonna do with 36.3 megapixels?

we threw together a juker real quick and bates hopped on something thats been taunting him for a while. some subtle fill flashes on the top deck and one of those red things that are the bane of every photography teacher ever.

what are all these weird nikon lenses i have and where did they come from and why are they all telephotos? seriously, i dug up a 200mm, a 135mm, a 75-150mm and a 43-86mm which according to ken rockwell dot com is one of nikon's ten worst lenses ever, which of course makes me want to use it. this was through the 135mm, and its got a grab which tucks bates right under that wire in the perfect way. gonna build a taller juker and go back for the big blue with the slant!

made it out to the orchard. marcus gets the most speed from the smallest transition at the unlikeliest angles. whole other story skating this place, transformative for sure. love this trick, shot a close and a long. i like this one with that little truck in the background - seems appropriate.

concrete wave art project sculpture math puzzle. too rad.

bates, what the hip was meant for

frontside shoves are notoriously tough to photograph. funny that a relatively easy trick doesnt translate so easily as a picture. im always impressed anyone can even do them on flatground, as ive only ever been able to do them fakie or out of 5050s. bates didnt waste a parked bus and got this fs shove on a day he claimed to be feeling 'under the weather'. not bad. used the 75-150mm for this one.

weeks away from the new park. wow.

i may be adding more photos from a recent excursion...